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Statesboro Market2Go:  Order Before Midnight!

Remember to place your order for this week before midnight tonight.

Click to order at Market2Go

Miami County Locally Grown:  We're OPEN with Bagels, Pizza Crusts, Marble Potatoes, Caramel Corn, and Cinnamon Rolls!!

We welcome BACK to the market this week THREE favorite vendors…!

Rachel Lusk again is offering several Bagel and Pizza Crusts varieties, plus her melt in your mouth Cinnamon Rolls! :-)

D and D Potato is back with us, with his famous purple and red potatoes, plus everyone’s favorite colorful Marble Potato Mix – so versatile, and so delicious!!

And Live Simply Live Richly Farm returns with their Old Fashioned Caramel Corn – the perfect sweet snack!!

Welcome Back, everyone!! We’re so glad to have you with us :-)

Conway, AR:  Tamales! Tuesday Reminder - Market Closes Tonight after 10pm.

Hello friends!

Just in time for this cooler weather, Strack farm will have lots of colorful fall mini gourds for decoration on Friday’s extra table. Pick any you want for only 50 cents each.

Shiitake mushrooms from Sweden Creek Farm are once again listed as a regular weekly item. 8 ounces for only $5.

There’s still time to place your order for pickup this Friday, September 28th.

If you want to pre-order Tamales, just text me what you want. 5 freshly made Tamales for $7, Chicken, Pork, or Jalapeno & Cheese. Sold in packs of 5 of the same type.

The market closes TONIGHT after 10pm, maybe even midnight! Come early on Friday for the best selection from the Extras table. See you Friday!

How to contact us:


Phone or text: Steve – 501-339-1039

Email: Steve –

Champaign, OH:  Rainy Days and Tuesdays

It’s just that kind of dreary evening…sort of drizzling after a couple of days of rain. It’s not cold, outside, but looking at the dreariness, out the windows, makes me think it’s a bit on the chilly side.

So, why not get all comfy, grab your grocery list, and while you are enjoying this early ease into the fall season, place your orders, based on everything that we can help you check off your list.

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s all from goodness that practically comes from your own backyard, and, you just have to breeze in, on Thursday, and grab your order while chatting it up with your market managers!

That’s right…we are back, we will be in action, and we can fill you in on what’s up in the local scene…like, oh, you know…the upcoming State Of The Plate!! We can explain it, sign you up, and get you on your way to tickets!!

All you have to do is pull us up, and get your ordering done…

The market closes at 8am, tomorrow morning, so don’t wait around, too long!! We want EVERYONE getting in on the fun!!

Cosmic Pam

Manchester Locally Grown:  Reminder: Ordering Closes Tonight

Manchester Locally Grown market

Our pickup location is across the street from the Manchester City Schools administration building, at

216 East Fort Street, Manchester, TN

If you don’t see a map, click on the address link.

Good evening!

This is just a friendly reminder to place your order online by 10 pm tonight. But we realize this reminder is reaching you on the late side, so if timing is an issue, please let Linda know! We will work out a late order if we are able to do so.

Remember to hit that last “submit” button. I really dislike disappointing a customer who comes to market, only to find no order in their name because they didn’t hit the last button. When your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation. If for any reason you fail to receive this confirmation, please contact Linda as soon as you realize it’s missing.

Also please go to our Facebook page & like, comment, and share this week’s post. Facebook isn’t allowing me to post on multiple sites, or post multiple photos. So please help us spread the word. Surveys indicate that word of mouth is the most effective form of advertisement. Please help us advertise our fantastic growing market!

See you on Thursday!

Michael & Linda

Dawson Local Harvest:  The Dawson Market Closes at 9 pm!

Dawson Harvest for Sept. 28th

The Dawson Market Closes at 9 pm!

But You Still Have Time to Place an Order. ORDER NOW!

Thanks, Alan, Market Manager

Old99Farm Market:  OLd 99 Farm, week of Sept 23 2018

We’re having a mild September, likely to continue well into October. Usual first hard frost over last 20 years is Oct 29th or later. We haven’t harvested the sweet potatoes yet, nor the celeriac. But tomatoes are being picked green to put in the cold cellar so the blight doesn’t get a start. Still have lots of tomatoes in the greenhouse as well as kale, arugula and spinach.

We have fresh beef starting this week: stew, ground, organs, eye of round roast and tenderloin.

I found a very useful site for people concerned with privacy and webbrowsing. I got stung a couple months back with a ‘ransomware’ attack, that I thought was genuine Microsoft tech service call. Had to reinstall OS and cost me $200. Wish I had this site then; it’s Privacy Badger.

New Field Farm's Online Market:  The home stretch and the future of the farm.

Happy Autumnal Equinox and Full Moon,


For those who are out of money in their account, or almost, and want to continue to order:

IF YOU PICK UP AT UNION MILL: YOU CAN MAIL A CHECK AFTER YOU PICK UP TO PO BOX 143 TEMPLE 03084. (checks should be made out to me)

We’re in our 16th week of harvest and with the cooler weather and shortening days the season is beginning to wind down. The deer know this and are starting to scavenge more aggressively. There were nine in the field the other day and last night when I was out looking for a marauding porcupine one gave a warning huff and I heard several take off into the woods. I even chased some turkeys out of the hoop house recently and found their tracks in the greenhouse. In the greenhouse?! I don’t think this has to do with the changing seasons, but instead a surprising boldness on their part. They seem to know what might really threaten them and recognize that going into our greenhouses doesn’t. They like to scratch in the hay mulch.

We’ve added baby bok choy, some spinach, and a little broccoli *this week. Beans, tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes have pretty much called it quits. There’s only a little *salad mix this week, with three more plantings on the way, weather permitting.

The other news is that THIS IS OUR LAST SEASON. After farming for most of the last 43 years, 32 of those years here in Temple, and with Julie now retired from teaching and both of us coming up on our mid-sixties, the time has come. As much as I love the work I don’t think I still have the physical stamina or psychic resilience needed to run this seven-day-a-week seasonal marathon anymore. The last two years were an experiment in cutting out our big farmer’s market down in Mass. and running the online market as a CSA, but the work was still non-stop and it became clear that it’s time to hang up the hoe.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!! whether for just this last season or since we began the online market in 2007. I’ll miss growing food for everyone. We’ll probably continue with the blueberries and will let people know about that.

Meanwhile, we still have up to five weeks to go this season so it’s not over yet!


GFM :  Country Christmas/Halloween

These 2 events, Oct. 6 and Oct. 27 will be our last events for the physical market.
We have some really great Local Talent and Direct Sales vendors joining us for these events.

Please come out and support our community members of all walks of life. They would really appreciate your support.

Take a look on our facebook page under photo albums and get an idea what they will have available for you.

We will be open every Saturday till the end of October.

Thank you for your support.

Siloam Springs, AR:  Online Market Open! Inventory list attached

There are 3 outdoor markets left this season then we transition to the online market for the fall and winter.

The last outdoor market is October 13th and first online pickup is October 20th. This season we will be moving our online pick up to Pour Jons! You can meet friends for coffee and pick up your order! Many thanks to Chris & Emily for partnering with us as well as Casey Letellier who serves on our steering committee and helped orchestrate the new location.

The Homegrown Festival is October 6th and this year the market will remain in City Park. We will be there our normal hours of 8 you can shop for your weeks groceries, take them home and then head to the festival between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mark your calendars!

Enjoy this great fall weather and see you Saturday!